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Community Tech Programs

In today's digital age, technology serves as a powerful equalizer, bridging gaps and granting access to information and opportunities. However, certain groups within our society, due to various factors, find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to embracing this digital revolution. At Tech Time Cincinnati, we recognize these challenges and are dedicated to ensuring that no one is left behind. Introducing "Community Tech" - our flagship service designed with a mission to empower specific demographics that have historically been underserved or marginalized. By reaching out and providing targeted technology solutions, we aim to uplift and reintegrate these vital segments of our society, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in our interconnected world.


Sub-Services under Community Tech:

Military Tech: Tailored specifically for our brave veterans and active-duty military personnel, this program acknowledges their immense sacrifices and aids their transition into the tech-savvy civilian world. We offer training and resources to help them capitalize on technology for personal and professional growth.


Rapid Release Tech: Targeted towards formerly incarcerated individuals, this program focuses on providing them with the digital skills needed to reintegrate into society and the job market. Recognizing the challenges faced by this demographic, our tech training can be a beacon of hope, leading to new beginnings.


StreamRight Technology: Catering to individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide due to socio-economic constraints, StreamRight ensures they are not left behind. By providing access and training on the latest tech tools and platforms, we aim to level the playing field, granting them opportunities they might have previously deemed out of reach.

At Tech Time Cincinnati, our vision for "Community Tech" goes beyond mere technology training. We envision a world where everyone, irrespective of their background or circumstances, has an equal shot at success in the digital age. Through Community Tech, we are one step closer to turning this vision into reality. Join us in our mission to make Cincinnati a city where tech inclusivity isn't just a buzzword but a lived experience for all.


Introducing Military Tech Support, a unique technology service exclusively crafted for our esteemed Veterans and their beloved families. At the heart of this service are specialized technology classes, designed to enhance digital literacy and skill sets. In addition to learning, we offer an array of electronics at free or reduced prices, enabling access to vital tech tools without the burden of excessive costs. Emphasizing practicality, we provide hands-on training and the convenience of in-home support, ensuring you can confidently navigate the digital world in the comfort of your surroundings. Contact us to kickstart your journey towards tech empowerment!

Introducing Rapid Release, our Business to Business technology outreach program meticulously designed for incarcerated individuals as well as recently released men and women residing in halfway houses or group homes. This initiative is a commitment towards reshaping futures through the power of technology education and support. Our comprehensive training classes, held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for eight hours each day, aim to equip participants with essential tech skills and empower them to navigate the digital world with confidence. To ensure maximum accessibility, we proudly offer low-cost or even free devices for those in need. Get in touch with us today to obtain a personalized quote for your facility, and let us contribute to your endeavor to create positive change in the lives of those who seek a fresh start.

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Tech Time Cincinnati is thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with  Streamright, a game-changing program solution for seniors and tech-challenged individuals who use Spectrum cable services! Together, we are dedicated to helping you save money on your monthly cable bill while ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

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