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Research and Development

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Research and Development at Tech Time Cincinnati


At Tech Time Cincinnati, we are committed to pioneering advancements in technology to transform the lives of seniors, particularly those affected by dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Our comprehensive Research and Development (R&D) program is at the core of our mission to empower tech-challenged individuals and enhance their cognitive health through innovative solutions.


Our Strategic R&D Initiatives Include:

  • Dedicated R&D Team: Our multidisciplinary team comprises neuroscientists, gerontologists, software engineers, and UX designers who are devoted to developing technological solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by individuals with dementia and Alzheimer's.

  • Targeted Focus Areas: We direct our efforts towards the development of interventions in critical areas such as cognitive training, social engagement, and support for daily living activities. These focus areas are chosen for their potential to significantly improve the quality of life for affected individuals.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we have established partnerships with leading healthcare organizations, elderly care facilities, and academic institutions. These partnerships enrich our resources and insights, allowing us to access diverse patient populations and real-world environments essential for refining and validating our innovations.

  • Innovative Solutions: Our program is responsible for creating state-of-the-art applications, software, and devices specifically designed to support dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. We are committed to iterative development, leveraging continuous feedback from end-users—patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals—to enhance functionality and usability.

  • Rigorous Evaluation: To determine the effectiveness of our interventions, we conduct comprehensive evaluations, including pilot studies and clinical trials. These evaluations focus on various outcomes such as cognitive function, quality of life, caregiver burden, and healthcare utilization, ensuring that our solutions meet high standards of efficacy and reliability.

  • Dissemination of Findings: We actively contribute to the global conversation on dementia and Alzheimer’s care by disseminating our findings through scientific publications, conference presentations, and participation in industry events. This commitment to sharing knowledge underscores our role as thought leaders in the field.

  • Integration and Commercialization: Following successful validation, our proven interventions are integrated into existing offerings and commercialized to reach a broader audience. This ensures that our innovative solutions are accessible to those who need them most, from individual clients to healthcare systems.

  • Continuous Improvement: Our dedication to excellence drives us to continuously improve our interventions. By staying abreast of the latest scientific research and technological advancements, we keep our offerings at the cutting edge, ensuring they are both effective and relevant.


Through these focused efforts, Tech Time Cincinnati not only aims to improve the lives of individuals dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s but also to set new standards in the integration of technology and healthcare. As we prepare to apply for grants and submit funding proposals, we are excited about the potential to expand our impact and continue leading the way in technology-driven cognitive healthcare solutions.

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