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Welcome to Tech It Easy, a specialized technology training program designed specifically for seniors, focusing on enhancing cognitive abilities and fostering independence in the digital world. Our goal is to create an engaging and supportive environment where seniors can confidently learn and explore various technological tools, enhancing their day-to-day lives.

Program Features:

  • Personal Device Training: Participants have the option to bring their own electronic devices or use those provided by us, ensuring familiarity and comfort.

  • Tailored Curriculum: Our curriculum is meticulously designed to impart practical skills and knowledge, directly applicable to everyday scenarios.

  • Diverse Learning Modules: During the program, seniors will:

    • Learn to navigate devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

    • Set up and manage social media accounts to stay connected with family and friends.

    • Master email and texting, ensuring they can communicate effectively.

    • Understand and implement online safety and security measures.

    • Make video calls using apps like FaceTime, helping bridge the distance between loved ones.

    • Securely pay bills online, maintaining independence in financial activities.

    • Engage in memory-enhancing games and cognitive exercises that are both fun and beneficial.

Additional Support:

  • After-Hours Help Line: To further support our participants, we offer a dedicated after-hours support line staffed by live agents ready to assist with any tech-related queries. This support is available for one personal electronic device per participant for the duration of the program.

Join Us:

Tech It Easy today and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a digital society. Our program not only enhances your technological prowess but also connects you with a community of learners and experts, making every step of your tech journey enjoyable and informative.

Sign up now and take the first step towards mastering the digital world!

Happy seniors raising hands
A elderly man congradulating his wife graduating from Tech Time Cincinnati

Are you or your loved ones interested in gaining essential tech skills? Introducing the Tech It Easy program, a unique 6-month course crafted specifically for seniors to learn about modern technology in a friendly, supportive environment!

Our Program Highlights:

Month 1: Foundations Dive into the basics of computers and devices, operating systems, and software. In addition, engage in cognitive care activities with HAPPY neuron.

Month 2: Internet and Communications Learn to navigate the internet, use web browsers, and master email communication.

Month 3: Online Safety and Social Media Understand how to protect your online presence and enjoy a safe introduction to popular social media platforms.

Month 4: Video Communication and Online Services Get familiar with video calling platforms and learn the essentials of online shopping and banking.

Month 5: Digital Media Management Manage your digital photos and videos like a pro and share your memories with your loved ones!

Month 6: Review and Graduation Revise your newly acquired tech skills and celebrate your achievements in the grand graduation ceremony. Our program is designed to be flexible, catering to individual needs and abilities. You'll have hands-on practice opportunities and constant access to experienced trainers for personalized support. By the end of the Tech It Easy program, you'll be confidently navigating the digital world! Join the Tech It Easy program and stay connected in our increasingly digital society! Call us for access and let's Tech It Easy together!


Elevate your Home Health Care business services with Medical Tech Aide Training. Introducing a groundbreaking Medical Tech Training program designed exclusively for Home Healthcare Agencies and elder care facilities. Our innovative course empowers home health aides with the skills to teach their clients the effective use of technology, from cell phones to computers, enhancing their quality of life and cognitive care through AI advancements. Alternatively, elevate your service offerings by employing our seasoned tech aides, setting your agency apart in competitive markets. By integrating our Medical Tech Training, your agency commits to superior care, leveraging technology to foster independence and cognitive stimulation for clients. Encourage your home health aides to become tech-savvy educators with, enhancing their ability to provide an enriched care experience. Join us in revolutionizing home health care. Sign up your aides for our AI medical training today, and transform the way you support your clients’ technological and cognitive needs.

Business Meeting at Tech Time Cincinnati

Business Tech Services

All Things Business Tech:

Tech Time Cincinnati's Business Tech Services serve as your gateway to the digital age. We focus on propelling your business forward by creating a stellar online presence and streamlining your operations. Our services tackle technology head-on, eliminating outdated processes and ensuring your business has a significant digital footprint​​. Our one-stop solution caters to both new and established businesses. We provide a wide array of services, including website design, logo creation, and social media management. Our team ensures that your website is visually appealing and user-friendly, and our graphic designers craft unique logos that embody your brand identity. Additionally, we offer comprehensive social media strategies to engage your audience and foster business growth​​.

NextGen AI
NextGen AI is an innovative program by Tech Time Cincinnati designed to empower young entrepreneurs and students with essential business and technology skills. The program offers comprehensive training, mentorship, and resources to individuals aged 16-25, helping them launch successful businesses and develop critical STEM capabilities. Key initiatives include business training, access to startup funding, and the NextGen Robotics program, which prepares students for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Through hands-on learning and expert guidance, NextGen AI aims to shape the future leaders in technology and entrepreneurship.

Lighthouse Business:  
Lighthouse Business Tech Service is dedicated to empowering low-income households by offering support and training at a discounted price. Tailored for both new and existing business owners, this service aims to bridge the income gap in business ownership. By providing accessible tech education and resources, Lighthouse Business Tech ensures that financial barriers do not hinder entrepreneurial success, fostering a more inclusive economic landscape.

Business Living:
TechNest Business Living seamlessly integrates business and medical tech services with short-term living solutions. This program is curated for a diverse clientele, including business owners and traveling nurses. We offer various short-term housing options in Cincinnati and Atlanta, ranging from homes to apartments, all equipped with necessary tech amenities to keep you connected and efficient​​.

This comprehensive suite of services is designed to support and enhance the growth of businesses in the digital world, offering everything from essential tech training to innovative living solutions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Tech Time Cincinnati, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive suite of services, designed to meet the diverse technology needs of our community. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we stand by the quality and value of our programs

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